mischief managed

abbie. "do not pity the dead. pity the living. and above all pity those who live without love."

spring awakening songs: a summary

  • mama who bore me: i wanna know about sex
  • mama who bore me reprise: i wanna know about sex ft. harmonies
  • all that’s known: fuck school
  • the bitch of living: i wanna have sex
  • my junk: tfw no gf
  • touch me: orgasms
  • the word of your body: we’re 14 but i still wanna fuck
  • the dark i know well: childhood sexual abuse
  • and then there were none: i want to die
  • the mirror-blue night: i wanna be a big boy
  • i believe: frickle frackle
  • don’t do sadness/blue wind: i really really want to die
  • the guilty ones: after-sex existential crisis
  • left behind: sobbing
  • totally fucked: totally fucked.
  • the word of your body reprise: gaaaay
  • whispering: 14 and pregnant isn’t so bad i guess
  • those you’ve known: dear god don’t let another character die please
  • song of purple summer: delicious harmonies